Red Hot Chili Peppers will be unleashing a total of 18 unreleased songs from the ‘I’m With You’ sessions, but this isn’t just your normal B-sides release. The band will hit fans with the unheard tracks both as a digital series and a set of nine separate 7-inch vinyl records, which will be released two songs at a time from this August to early 2013.

Serious Chili Peppers fanatics may want to keep their eyes on these releases. The first pair of B-sides will feature the songs ‘Strange Man’ and ‘Long Progression,’ and will be made available on Aug. 14, 2012.

RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer spoke about the concept behind the nine separate releases. “Finding songs that seem to want to join hands with others is a special task that require the right people … and the right songs!” says Klinghoffer. “Some songs seem to have a lot more of an agenda than others. Some songs play well with others and some songs need more attention and a little extra care. Here are some songs that seemed to want to pair up and take a later train. Keep your eye on them, they’re up to something…”

What vinyl collectors have to be excited about is that the 7-inch releases will feature the art of Kelsey Brookes. The artist specializes in intricate and brightly colored works, which will certainly leave fans eager to collect all nine records. Fans will be able to combine all nine releases into one single piece of artwork.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Vinyl/Digital B-Sides Release Dates:

‘Strange Man’ / ‘Long Progression’ – Aug. 14, 2012

‘Magpies’ / ‘Victorian Machinery’ – Sept. 11, 2012

‘Never is a Long Time’ / ‘Love of Your Life’ – Oct. 2, 2012

(Titles TBD) – Nov. 6, 2012

(Titles TBD) – Dec. 4, 2012

(Titles TBD) – Dec. 18, 2012

Final Three Releases – Early 2013

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