Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane watched a video this morning of a New York City cop who had his foot run over by a Ferrari that belonged to Internet entrepreneur Julien Chabbott, the boyfriend of reality TV star Stephanie Pratt. The incident occurred outside of a SoHo hotel and was captured on film by 17-year old Damian Morys.

The guys analyzed the clip, trying to determine who was more in the wrong. “By the accounts I read, he was parked there legally,” said Hot Wings. But everyone agreed that even if the guy didn’t deserve the ticket at all, there was no recourse for his actions.

“Why would anyone be possessed to do this? Particularly someone who could afford that car,” said Hot Wings. Free Beer agreed, joking that, “You can only get away with this if you’re Randy Moss.”

Zane summed everything up by saying, “You’re not going to get anywhere in life running cops over.”

Check out the clip below:

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