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Richland bank robbery suspect done in by bike theft

The puzzle pieces come together sometimes. Richland Police reported Thursday afternoon, April 14, that a suspect is in custody for not only a bike theft but a Richland January bank robbery.

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Nelson Mejia was confirmed as the suspect in the January 12, 2022 robbery of the Chase Bank at 711 Jadwin in Richland. RPD had to wait for the Washington State Patrol crime lab's forensic analysis of some evidence.  On March 18th that confirmation came in, then on March 19th more information.

 More information from West Richland PD helps

On March 19th WRPD officers responded to a report of bike theft in the city, and during that investigation which led them also to Mejia, he was also taken in due to his role in the bank incident.

He's now facing 1st Degree Robbery and Theft, and  Possession of A Stolen vehicle charges.


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