Jason Lee Elementary has joined a few of the other schools in the Richland School District in offering archery to its students.

The program is providing a new challenge when it comes to teaching determination, focus and physical strength. Students meet twice a week in the morning for target practice and archery safety lessons.

Liesl Batdorf and Lyn Leyde are the teachers who instruct the kids and more than $20,000 has been raised through grants and local donations to provide the equipment.

And the kids are really stoked they have a cool new activity at school that challenges them, plus is the envy of all their friends not currently in the class, who say, "oh yeah, I'm doing that next year."

One young lady is so taken with her new hobby, she and her parents went out and bought her own bow and arrow.

That kind of enthusiasm hits the bullseye every time.

Watch the video below from the Richland School District.

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