Richland Library Is Dropping The Late Fees

The City of Richland is dropping late fees at the city library and that's a good thing but there is a catch you need to know about.


Here's Why The Richland Library Is Dismissing Late Fees

The City of Richland released a press release yesterday on why they are getting rid of late fees and it'll have some folks breathing easy especially if you owe fines.

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Here's what the press release said about the change:

Returning items past the due date will no longer result in late fines being charged to an account. In addition to this change, all existing late fines will be removed from accounts in the coming days. If patrons have an overdue item or have an account blocked because of late fines, now is the perfect time to return those library materials and reconnect with the library in a new chapter of library service.

Library Manager, Christopher Nulph had this to say about the new policy “The Richland Public Library does not rely on revenue generated from overdue fines.

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In addition, overdue fines can create barriers to using the library for cardholders, especially children and families. We want to avoid reducing access to learning opportunities during periods of critical growth and development.

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If You Lose A Library Book, You Are Still Responsible For That

Here are more details on the passage of the new policy:

On May 10, 2022, The Richland Public Library Board of Trustees reviewed and adopted an updated circulation policy that eliminates charging late fines on overdue materials.

The policy indicates that patrons will be asked to monitor their due dates and return library materials in a timely manner, but patrons will not be financially penalized for returning items past the due date.

The one thing that hasn't changed is that if you still lose or misplace a book or library materials, you'll be financially responsible for the lost item.

It's time to dig into the closets and find those books and return them guilt-free.

You can get more details on the new policy here. 

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