Kudos to the Richland School District for stepping up and providing food for kids on the weekends. Good nutrition is so important and for some kids, the one meal a day they receive from the School District is the best meal of the day.

The Richland School District is stepping up and offering weekend meals for the kids. RSD posted this message on their Facebook page:

We have provided more than 100,000 meals to students since buildings were closed in mid-March. Now we are enhancing our Student Meal Assistance program so students are able to have a meal every day of the week.

We will begin providing additional food items to students during Friday meal distribution beginning on April 24. This will include a quart of milk and frozen food items to reheat for weekend meals. A brief instruction sheet will be included. The Friday meal and weekend products along with the quart of milk will fit nicely in a standard back pack for walkers and bike riders and students at bus stops.

These meals are FREE and open to all children in our district. You can find the full list of pick-up and delivery locations as well as times here: https://www.rsd.edu/coronavirus/student-meal-assistance

No kid should go hungry so I encourage you to sign up for the free program if you need it. You can check out more details on the meals here

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