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A Kennewick man had a perfect day - and a perfect game.

Rob Elliott is 82 years old and has done what most bowlers can only dream of. On Friday (Dec. 2), Rob bowled a perfect game at Spare Time Lanes in Kennewick during league competition. It's one of the hardest things to do in all of sports.

What is a perfect game in bowling?

A perfect score in bowling is 300. To achieve this, you must bowl a strike in every frame, including three in the tenth. This results in 12, yes I said 12, strikes! I may have bowled 12 strikes in my entire life, let alone roll a perfect game.

Photo by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash

How old was the oldest bowler to score 300?

Despite being 82 years young, Rob isn't the oldest perfect bowler. The record is 90 years old, which is incredible. A perfect official game is impressive no matter the age but to do it at 82 is almost superhuman. Spare Time Lanes added that what Rob did today "is quite a feat!"

Today we toast Rob Elliott and wish him many more wonderful games in the future.

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