On an episode of the popular quiz game show Jeopardy!, the legendary Rob Zombie was name-checked in a clue on a question in the "transportation" category.

Playing along with Jeopardy! from the couch or chair at home is a leisurely delight, but it can quickly turn frustrating when you rattle off a handful of correct answers and start to ponder how much cash you could have snatched up if you were one of the brainiac contestants. And for those who know quite a bit of trivia about veteran industrial rocker and filmmaker Rob Zombie, you were probably shaking your fist at the sky, knowing you would have pocketed $400 for landing the proper response.

"Rachel Maddow and Rob Zombie have worked as urban messengers on these," said host Ken Jennings, who read the on-screen query. One contestant raised her score from $1,400 to $1,800 with the reply, "What are bicycles," to which Jennings affirmed was correct and joked, "Yes, but probably not together."

"Hey! I am an [sic] question on [Jeopardy!] again tonight! I am amazed every time this happens. So crazy," wrote Rob Zombie in an Instagram post where he also shared a brief video clip of the moment.

The veteran rocker, who is continuing work on his latest film project, a movie adaptation of classic 1960's sitcom The Munsters, has actually sprung up in Jeopardy! questions a handful of times in the past. In 2019, Zombie was name-checked for a third time in a question pertaining to the song "Mars Needs Women," and on his birthday last year, one question was connected to his House of 1,000 Corpses movie.

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