Spring Dekaney High School head coach Willie Amendola was being interviewed near midfield following his team's 34-14 victory in the Texas 5A Division II Football Championship final this past Saturday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas when a runaway, unmanned electrical cart plowed into the group.

Many were knocked to the ground, but Amendola was thrown into the passenger's seat. He tried unsuccessfully to gain control of the cart before falling to the turf about 25 yards from the initial impact. A field worker eventually jumped into the cart and brought it to a stop.

Emergency services said that one man was taken to hospital with a leg injury. Several others were hit by the cart but released by medical staff after being checked out at the stadium.

It was unclear how the vehicle got loose. Stadium workers had been picking up fluorescent orange sideline yard markers and pylons after the game when the cart unexpectedly took off.

It looks like one of those that were plowed over is still experiencing some pain, but for the most part no one was seriously injured. You know someone was going to 'YouTube Remix' this somehow...so, here ya go. ROLLOUT!