Is Russell Wilson returning to Tri-Cities?

In a post-game conference this weekend, the quarterback was in good spirits when asked about his offseason plans. Wilson, who missed over a month with a hand fracture, was asked if he planned to undergo treatment for the biggest injury of his career.

No surgeries, I feel great, man. No surgeries. I may play baseball. I'm messing with you guys. I may go to Tri-Cities, maybe I'll go to the Yankees. You know, I don't know. I'll go somewhere, I'll do something. I think the biggest thing is focusing on my kids as much as possible. [...] I'll be able to drive them to school, maybe, a few times a week. [...] But I'm gonna get back to work. I'm gonna watch the film tonight, then time to go. 2022 starts tonight.


Wilson has been known to join his MLB club for Spring Training during the NFL offseason, first joining the Texas Rangers, then the New York Yankees when they acquired his MLB rights via trade in 2018.

Russell Wilson was a two-sport athlete in college.

The story has certainly been told many times over, but before Russell Wilson transferred to Wisconsin, he was a two-sport athlete, playing quarterback at NC State while playing baseball both collegiately and professionally.

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Russell Wilson spent the 2010 season with the Tri-City Dust Devils.

Before he brought Seattle its first Super Bowl championship, Russell Wilson played professional sports in Washington, just a few miles southeast. In 32 games with the Tri-City Dust Devils, Wilson hit two home runs while batting .230 with an on-base percentage of .336. His short stint in Pasco has been immortalized with several giveaways over the years at Gesa Stadium, including two free bobblehead nights. To commemorate the second bobblehead night, a life-size Russell Wilson bobblehead was erected in the concourse of the ballpark.


Will Russell Wilson play for the Dust Devils again?

While it's extremely unlikely that Russell Wilson will suit up at Gesa Stadium ever again, it is possible that he could take in a game or even be part of a ceremony. He did say in his end-of-season interview, he was prioritizing spending time with his kids. In ten years with the Seahawks, this is only the second time Wilson has missed the playoffs. I can't imagine his kids are too terribly upset.

Russell Wilson is one of many great athletes from the Pacific Northwest.

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