Ever since the movie "Rio" I've thought taking my family down to Brazil for a vacation would be a great thing -- especially for the World Cup. Brazil has a lot going for it. It's basically energy independent. They have some of the sexiest women in the world -- you know I'm a fan of the booty. Plus all the music and rich culture. However, all that changed with one statement from the Brazil government.

A pamphlet with safety information produced by the Sao Paulo police and distributed by Brazil's government advises tourists not to "react, scream or argue" if robbed.

Tourists come mainly from Europe and the United States, where they do not see this crime very often."

They basically came out and say, "It's dangerous to be here. When you're a victim of a crime, don't scream or they might stab you."

Honey, pack your bags, we're going to Brazil.

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