May 20 is the last day to see ‘Sold’ – an exhibit created by local women to educate their peers on the horrors of human slavery. Motivated to fight the problem somehow, they came up with the idea for the exhibit and received support from Bethel Church at 600 Shockley Road. Attendees are invited to spend about an hour walking through a gym full of different rooms representing forms of modern human slavery in 9 parts of the world. Because sexual slavery is included, children under 13 are discouraged from attending.

Creators Amber Bruce, Jessica MacFarlan and Krista Hanson learned there are 27 million slaves in the world today – more than at any other time in human history. Although disturbing, the exhibit also highlights ways Tri-Cities residents can support the fight against exploitation.

The exhibit is free and attendees are encouraged to take pictures and record their observations.

After the exhibit closes, the creators welcome communities in southeast Washington to borrow it and show their peers. People outside of the area may request copies of the plans and content to create their own exhibit.