If your like me you might of not heard of the band Iced Earth before we announced they'd be opening up for Volbeat. I'm also sure there's quite a few of you in the heavy metal world that not only knows of Iced Earth but is excited to see them in town on July 5th, 2012. With that said here's a little history about the band Iced Earth and some videos to help you get into the rock and roll mood...

Formed in 1984 by Jon Schaffer(rhythm, lead guitar and vocalist), a street-tough kid with the drive (and talent!) to create a band to make his heroes Judas Priest, KISS, and Iron Maiden proud. From 1990 to current day the band has a total of 10 studio albums including their latest 'Dystopia', they also have 2 live albums recorded and 3 DVD's. The band now consists of Jon Shaffer(Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals), Stu Block(Lead Vocals), Troy Seele(Lead Guitar) and Brent Smedley(Drums).

Volbeat featuring Hellyeah and Iced Earth makes their stop in the Tri-Cities on Thursday July 5th. The Live From Beyond Hell and Above Heaven Summer Tour will be at the Toyota Arena in Kennewick. Tickets are on-sale now and with a limited occupancy tickets are gonna go fast.

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