One of the worst things that can happen during this time is to lose your job due to the coronavirus and no one needs the added pressure of having their private information stolen while filing their unemployment claim.

It seems like scammers are getting more devious in separating your personal information away from you.

Scammers have built websites for unemployment claimers to log on and give up their personal information like social security numbers outside of a safe and secure internet website.

It's scary stuff to lose your identity and have it stolen especially after losing your job or being furloughed from work.

The state of Washington is reminding unemployment claim filers to make sure that you are using the correct website when filing to avoid having your personal information stolen.

the correct website for filing is and always remember that a legit government website will have the .gov designation and any other designation could be fraudulent.

If you think you've been a victim of unemployment fraud, Washington State is encouraging you to submit the information here

You can also get more information on the scamming and scammers here.

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