Scarface is probably one of the best films ever made about some very bad people but, with amazing actors. I bet I have watched the movie 50 times or better. Not only to memorize the lines because they are so cool but , to also remind me of what not to be in life. I don't think a  remake of this 80's classic film is a very good idea. Universal has decided to move forward on their remake of this amazing film. Many years ago Martin Scorsese warned the actors of the 80's 'Scarface' that Hollywood will hate the film. He mentioned to them that it is because it is about them.

There are just some films that should never be remade. 'The Princess Bride' all of the 'Godfather's,' and 'Scarface.' No offense to any of the actor's out there but no one will even come close to Al Pacino or Michele Pfeiffer.I just don't think that it is a good idea.

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