The minor league drafting process -- normally a snooze -- had some holiday spice this morning when the Texas Rangers organization drafted Seahawks QB (and former Tri-City Dust Devil) Russell Wilson as its 5th-round pick. Apparently Wilson still "belongs" to the Colorado Rockies organization (which owns the Dust Devils) because the Rangers had to "purchase" him for $12,000.

Before the draft, the Rangers called Wilson and told him of their intentions. According to ESPN, the Rangers said they planned to respect his NFL contract, but wanted to know if he was interested in also being a part of their organization. Apparently he told them yes. He may even show up for spring training.

Is this Wilson just keeping his options open, or is he paving the way to "retire" from the NFL into a 2nd baseman career?

Either way, it's funny for a Superbowl-bound quarterback to be talking baseball, but he's certainly talented enough to do both!

I believe this is Russell's FOURTH draft. While in high school, he was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2007 but turned them down. He was drafted by Colorado Rockies in 2010, then by the Seahawks in 2012, and now the Texas Rangers in 2013.