In the pre-season (week 2) Seahawks clobbered the Broncos. I've had 100 people tell me this week that that game was insignificant. That you cannot learn anything from that game because the pre-season does not matter.

What these so-called fans of football are forgetting is this year in the pre-season, teams were not allowed to tackle until the first game. No tackles in practice. Then once the pre-season started, they were only allowed one practice a week that included in contact. So the ONLY place these athletes had to get their tackles ready for the season was in pre-season.

All the pre-season games during the first half looked like regular-season games (all the starters played). Chargers, Broncos, Green Bay... the first half were like regular season games fought hard by offensive and defensive starters.

The Broncos played ALL their offense and ALL their defense for the first half. And we stood up well.

Final piece of my argument: a bit of news that came out today about John Elway talking to the team right after that Seahawks beat down in the pre-season. In over a year, Elway had never addressed the players. Then after getting ass-slapped 40-10, Elway chewed their butt in the locker room. Would that have happened if pre-season doesn't matter? If pre-season isn't a reflection of the team this year?