If you have any friends in Seattle, you know the big topic of discussion up there is high rents. Real estate speculators are buying up all the houses, tearing down affordable apartments, and catering to wealthy tech employees. One man is fighting back, and a huge developer just tried to blackmail him.


Jon Grant was director of the "Tenants Union" advocating for the rights of renters. He was becoming so frustrated with trends in the city he decided to run for city council.

At one of his campaign events a man approached saying he was vice president of a company the Tenants Union was suing.

The VP said he was about to spend $200,000 in negative campaign ads calling Grant unethical but would NOT if Grant agreed to a compromise in the lawsuit.

The man suggested a former mayor could act as mediator.

The former mayor, Mike McGinn, has text messages from the company urging him to persuade Grant to negotiate over the lawsuit... "after which certain bad things can't be undone... And Go Hawks!"