Remember that phrase, "What's it got to do with the price of tea in China?" Well, a lot of things used to relate to the price of tea... but not anymore. For the Mid Columbia, the price of wheat, lentils, onions, hops, grapes and apples is everything. Now India is messing with that!

India's government has decided it will only allow Washington apple imports through one port. That will seriously restrict the number of units that can be shipped to that country. Indian consumption of Washington apples is a huge portion of total revenue. The port policy change could have devastating effects on the local economy.

Interestingly, it's another reminder of how we're all connected in the world economy. When port workers went on strike Mid Columbia farmers, especially the lentil growers, couldn't get their product to market. That meant at least some of it just rotted in storage costing millions. When China said it didn't want any GMO wheat, it sent a panic through Mid Columbia wheat growers.

It's kind of fun to drive past a field and ponder where in the world that plant will end up on a dinner plate.

Taylor Hinton