The public swimming pool can get crowded at times and many people want a little privacy while they wade around and cool off. The Wadhwa group is building The Aquaria Grande in Mumbai, India planning to feature a swimming pool on the balcony of select apartments in the complex!

Photos of a hotel called Zwembalkons surfaced earlier this year, but that building has yet to go under construction and may just be an idea on paper, so to speak. The Aquaria Grande is a real place being built right now.

With huge picture frame windows, massive vaulted ceilings, personal green spaces, large patios, motion sensor lighting, and ozone swimming pools, every tiny detail has been scrutinized. With those being the standard features, I can only imagine what the Penthouse would include.

While you check out the slideshow below showing the massive 180+ apartment complex under construction, imagine yourself relaxing in one of those balcony pools...

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