My wife thinks her mom just kind of 'invented' this recipe, and it's been the family way for decades.

For this is no-fail simple deliciousness, you will need:

1 loaf white bread

1 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped onion

dash of celery seed

2 cans chicken broth

S&P to taste

(We don't care for sage, but you can add it)


Bread does not need to be dried, it's better with this recipe soft. Take it right out of the bag and cut it into cubes. 

Place in large mixing bowl. 

Top with one cup onion and one cup celery.

Sprinkle with celery seed.


(Don't mix it yet, leave everything on top for now, and pile it high! You'll see why when you pour the hot chicken broth on!)


Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM


Pour boiling chicken broth slowly over onion and celery as this is the only cooking it will get...this gives it a good blanching.

Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM


Now stir into a beautiful mash of simple dressing awesomeness!

Add more bread if too mushy or add more broth if not mushy enough.

Can be eaten immediately, set aside, or baked if you prefer a crusty edge.  We usually just eat as is and make more in a day or two for leftover turkey gravy!

Hope you love it!!

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