The title of the video I'm sharing is "Cop Lies His Ass Off." Now hang on a minute there. First, it's a trooper, not a cop (Illinois State Police, I believe). Second, the trooper correctly points out that police are allowed to use technology while driving and are allowed to speed. But the semi-truck driver is just calling the trooper on hypocrisy. Law enforcement acting as if they're above the law decreases our respect for the badge. Watch the video and tell me what you think.

I guess this video boils down to whether the semi-truck driver should have blew his horn at the trooper. Semi-trucks being the safety police? PA-LEEZ! Is this guy also one of those do-gooders who report you to family services for disciplining your kids or to animal control for leashing your dog?

On the other hand, why didn't the trooper just get annoyed like you or I and let it go? Why make a traffic stop? Because he didn't like being scolded? That kind of attitude doesn't belong behind a badge. Reckless use of a horn? PA-LEEZ!

And does he let the driver go because of the camera, or because he made his point? Hmmm.