It's almost Memorial Day and the start of camping season. We all have them: camping FAILS. Share yours -- a story or a photo or both -- and we'll randomly choose one entry June 4 to win some camping equipment from Washington Hardware and Furniture in Kennewick: a pair of camping chairs, a lantern and an outdoor cooking pot to use on their next camping trip -- which will hopefully be a more positive experience.

I think my own biggest fail is when I tried to stoke the fire (which was lit in a snowbank) with gasoline straight from the gas can. The fire leaped up the pouring gas and ignited the liquid around the nozzle. I immediately dropped the can, only to see the nozzle continue to burn... to my horror. I thought the can would explode like a plastic explosive blowing us all sky high. Screaming I grabbed the can, spun hard, and threw it as far as I could. The owner of the gas can rolled his eyes and told me to go get it before I started another snow bank on fire.

I guess there's also the time when I was 10 on a 7-mile hike I decided

man unable to set up a tent

to bring the book I was reading at the time, which was a large volume of over 2,000 pages (it was a compilation of several books). I complained to my dad that my pack was too heavy, so he volunteered to move items from my pack to his... until he found my book. "What is this!?"

OK, those weren't that good. You can beat that. Send a photo, tell a story or both. Let's hear it!


men falling down unable to set up a tent


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