Franklin County Deputies, as well as other law enforcement officials, continue to keep their eyes open for this beautiful horse.

According to the Sheriff's Department, this three-year-old Arabian Quarter horse, who goes by the name of Chocolate, freed herself from her corral in the Clark Addition area of Pasco.

Missing horse (FCSO)
Missing horse (FCSO)

Clark Addition is a roughly 80-acre unincorporated area North of Road 52 near Powerline Road in the county.

So far, the owner has not had any luck locating her, and she's been rather elusive.  Anyone who may have information about her whereabouts, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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From the look on her face in the one photo, she perhaps could be rather mischievous.

Horses are known for being quite smart, they can figure out ways to brush up against, lean or otherwise 'open' gates without the benefit of having a hand, or opposable thumb.

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