One of the catchier slogans at Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID is "We'll scare the yell out of you!"


Fine, but you better be quiet about it?

I'm not much of a screamer, more of a moaner actually, but I didn't think it was possible to squash or suppress a yell or scream or whatever when you're on the likes of Aftershock, Tremors, Spin Cycle and Timber Terror at Silverwood. I thought audible gasping was involuntary, like you couldn't hold it back even if you're life depended on it.

Well in Japan, your life might depend on it.

To stop the potential spread of COVID-19 at one amusement park in Japan, officials have designated those who ride to not scream. There is even a video demonstration on how to properly ride a roller coaster now in Japan.

"Please scream inside your heart," and not out loud, the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park is asking. The park even released a how-to video. Check it out:

No, Silverwood Theme Park has absolutely NO plan on even entertaining the possibility of adopting this philosophy at their facilities.
On another roller coaster related note, one guy in Ohio recently lost nearly 200 pounds so he'd be allowed to ride a new roller coaster, Orion, at Kings Island Amusement Park.
Kings Island Orion
The man weighed 430 pounds in 2019 when he heard about the announcement of a new coaster being built at his favorite amusement park. That very day, he bought a scale and started his remarkable weight loss odyssey. No more being escorted off the coaster platforms anymore because he was just too big to ride. After attaining his goal, and riding Orion many times, the man says this coaster will always hold a special place in his heart as this ride was the inspiration he needed to change his life.

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