The Big 9-7's blastoff was in October of 1994, and by the time the first Million Dollar Vault promotion happened the following May, in 1995, I recall every finalist, close to 50 people, were all given a hot-off-the-press first edition 97 Rock T-shirt. It was a big hit. The contest rocked, too. Our winner made off with around $3500.

So, the next year, we did it again. The 1996 Million Dollar Vault cost us over $21,000. Basically, we had to have a million pieces of paper cut into dollar bill sizes to even do the contest. The box holding the paper/money showed up 2 hours before the promotion.

There were huge clumps of paper stuck together that our limited staff on site just didn't have enough time to separate the MILLION pieces of paper completely. Our contestant saw that and sought out the unbroken up stacks when his :20 inside the vault began.

One particular clump, right at the time buzzer, was a $4700 dagger in of itself. The point is, the picture below is what the 1996 edition of the 97 Rock threads looked like, and yes, I'm smiling and shaking hands with our winner as I realize after costing the company over $20,000, this might be the last picture I ever take reppin' 97 Rock.


97 Rock has offered many different T-shirt takes at the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo, but one year was particularly randy, as we quickly sold out of our 97 Rock boxer shorts stash that had "keep 'er in the holster" printed down the fly. I would show you a picture, but somehow, I lost them in my divorce.

In the beginning, 97 Rock offered hackers and whackers an amazing $9.70 greens fee rate for 9 holes for YEARS at Canyon Lakes Golf Course, where we also offered you a chance to sport proof of your amazing golf prowess.


Beat Curt Cartier? Not hard, believe me. I love how the screen print image captures my true essence: slouching and looking stoned. It's a good look for me.

Now, in 2020, an online merchandise store that is so swaggable, you're just going to love it.

97 Rock 2020 Swag

Mask Up and Rock On, Columbia Basin!