Slash is gearing up to unchain his sophomore solo album, ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ on May 22. With so much drama surrounding Slash during his tenure with Guns N’ Roses and again recently with Axl Rose’s refusal to show up for GN’R's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month, the guitarist is happy to be involved in a project that’s drama-free.

“This has been really liberating for me,” Slash tells the Orlando Sentential. “The first solo album was the first time, really, that I was on my own to stretch my wings without the democratic, diplomatic situation you have to have in a band. That went right into working with these guys.”

He adds, “It’s non-confrontational, non-dramatic. I’ve never been in a situation like that where there’s no reason to have an issue about anything. I haven’t had this much fun in a band situation since Guns started.”

Slash’s new album features Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy on vocals and as co-songwriter. The guitarist says the two are on the same wavelength when writing and recording songs.

“We’re both workaholics,” Slash explains. “We’d be working six nights a week, then get back to the hotel in middle of the night. I’d have ideas and MP3 them to Myles. There he’d be, sitting at his computer working.”

He concludes, “It’s different when you’re dealing with people who aren’t looking to cause problems, who aren’t so self-centered and screwed up that everything has to be a battle. I’m not saying that about any of the bands I’ve been in, per se. Rock ‘n’ roll tends to breed a lot of idiosyncratic stuff, but I’ve been around to the point now that I don’t have time for that.”

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