Do you think WSDOT was over or under the actual amount of snow levels when it made its prediction last October?


WSDOT Makes Snoqualmie Pass Snow Level Challenge: Now Official Numbers Released

The Washington State Department of Transportation gave a snow depth prediction back in October for Snoqualmie Pass and posted a challenge to its followers to make their own prediction and see who was closer in the spring. Now the official numbers are in and it is interesting to see how their best guess compared to the actual numbers.

WSDOT posted the challenge on the official X page for Snoqualmie Pass saying."The Weather Service is predicting an El Nino winter which usually means milder & dryer conditions. They are predicting 300 inches of snow. The 20-year snowfall average on Snoqualmie Pass is 387 inches. What's your guess for the 2023-2024 winter?"


"We Predicted 300 Inches"

In the original tweet, WSDOT was not clear about their prediction but obviously stuck with the National Weather Service snow level guess. They confirmed it today when the official snow levels were officially released. "The results are in for the 2023-2024 season snowfall totals on I-90/over Snoqualmie Pass. We predicted 300 inches" Even though the 20-year average was 387 inches,

Snoqualmie Pass only received 280 inches of snow this last year. That number is slightly lower than the National Weather Service and Washington State Department of Transportations guesses of 300 inches. Today the Snoqualmie Pass X page announced the winner of the Snoqualmie Pass snowfall prediction was @CoachXPass, who guessed the closest to the actual amount at 278 inches. Congratulations!

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