Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond and his Deputies issued a scathing critique of people who've been using a popular recreation area as a dump site, and others not picking up after themselves.

Raymond says all this garbage (and more) was recently found at the end of Columbia River Road near what's called the "flume", an irrigation canal runoff.


Raymond says dozens of trash bags were found, having been dumped by citizens. They included used diapers, pizza boxes, beer cans, and "much more garbage."

It obviously included some less than savory items, as he pointed out that chemical agents and non-biodegradable garbage can cause pollution hazards for people as well as eventually seeping into groundwater.


The Department included this statement:

"It is very upsetting and frustrating to find this large amount of garbage at a local river spot frequented by families and groups of young adults."

The Department went on to say that when people dump or throw out their trash like this, they're not only hurting others and the environment, they're hurting themselves.

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It's not unrealistic to think that is this dumping continues, the County might just close off this area, and make it unavailable for anyone to recreate. Another example of how some people when they were growing up, never learned to clean up their rooms.

How about you take a few minutes and be responsible with your garbage? Personally, I think if it could ever be traced back to the person who did it, the trash should be gathered and dumped back on their front lawn.  Just sayin' would get their attention!


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