The Grammys as a whole was a cool event. The performaces were amazing. I thought they had a really good mix of old and young -- both performing separately and as ensembles. Sometimes it was even people with their mentors. BUT, there were a couple moments that I thought were not so great.
The first of which was the apparent physical condition of Ozzy Osbourne.

He's struggling with addiction. He and Sharon split up earlier this year because of his relapse and he's supposed to be working on getting sober. Last night it was painfully obvious he's not on the road to recovery. It was sad for me because I'm pulling for Ozzy.

The second low point had to have been the performance by Willie Nelson. Now I'm not a Country fan -- I'll say that straight up -- but that performance seemed like a joke, especially compared to other performers that night. They were forgetting words, were not together and had no energy. They looked like old men who'd never performed together, didn't know how and didn't know the song.

The BEST moment of the night for me? Taylor Swift's TRULY surprised face when she THOUGHT she won.