Truth is stranger than fiction. The bi-racial woman leading the Spokane office of the NAACP has been outed by her own parents as having been borne blonde with pale skin and freckles.
Rachel Dolezal first got media attention after she handed "hate mail" her office received over to the police. It was soon apparent the items did not display the tell-tale signs of having been processed by a post office... and there was no other way for it to be placed in her P.O. Box.

As suspicions began to rise, Coeur d'Alene journalists discovered Dolezal is from Troy, Montana, where she was raised by two white parents... and is white herself.

The Dolezals say they have no problem with their daughter working to end discrimination and promote civil rights, but they want people to know she's deceiving them by pretending to be bi-racial.

She grew up with African-American siblings in the home, went to a mostly-black college, married a black man and is mother to a bi-racial child. She definitely identifies more with the African-American culture, and does not consider her biological parents to be her mother and father.

But she is dying her hair and darkening her skin. She is 100 percent caucasian.