On June 7, Steel Panther will perform a "Concert to Save the World," which will be featured as a paid livestream event to benefit two causes. Without having played a show in over three months, singer Michael Starr had no clue what to wear onstage, so he decided a collaboration with Loudwire was in order as he took us through his outrageous hair metal wardrobe.

There's a lot more to Steel Panther's collective stagewares than you might imagine. While tattered fishnet shirts, shredded T-shirts and animal skin pants might seem like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, it's far, far more of a coordinated effort than that.

"You never wear giraffe and tiger at the same time. It's just not cool because tigers eat giraffes," explained Starr before whipping out a couple pair of pants — one black pair decorated in sequins and another with accents of studded leather leading the eyes to bulging part of the human form — from his wardrobe closet during our Zoom call.

From there it's a tour of even more pants, patch jackets, an insanely sexy animal print vest and the single most absurd double-sided cape you've ever laid eyes on.

And then there's the scarves, which carry quite the story. When Steel Panther opened for the legendary Guns N' Roses, Starr nicked a pro-tip from Axl Rose's dressing room after seeing how the frontman tied his garments on a hangar. This came after a story about how Rose held up a soundcheck and made an entire concert venue stay silent while he enjoyed a mid-afternoon nap.

Watch the video at the top of the page and check out what ridiculous stage outfit we assembled.

Head to Steel Panther's website for more info on the "Concert to Save the World." Get tickets here and learn more about the two benefit causes, Heavenly Pets Animal Rescue and Live Nation's Crew Nation Fund.

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