Kennewick Police were able to foil the plans of some would-be rioters Sunday night on Canal Drive, leading to an arrest.

Kennewick Police told Townsquare Media earlier on Sunday, they received information about a possible riot threat, by way of social media. A 19-year-old male had posted a meme on social media that read in part 'let's meet at the mall at 8PM for a riot.'

The officer said the post went somewhat viral locally, and police notified Columbia Center Mall management. Their security blocked off the entrances and requested police support, beginning shortly before 8PM. The Officer told Townsquare Media the man who made the post agreed to take it down and replace it with another message going against the threat. It is not known if he is going to face any charges.

The night at the mall was uneventful until around 10-11PM when officers noticed a "large" crowd gathering near the Burlington Coat Factory on Canal. No estimate yet of how many, police only said a "large" crowd.   Police got reports of and then saw some of them throwing rocks at several businesses on the south side of Canal.

Officers were able to follow and 'disperse'these "splinter" groups and one person was arrested after they allegedly threw rocks breaking four windows at the Burlington store. 19-year-old David F. Hernandez (hometown not listed) was located and Tasered after resisting arrest and refusing to follow commands.

Police said it could have been a lot worse, but the agitators were broken up and basically run off by police presence and actions.

We drove by Monday morning shortly after 8AM and took these pictures, showing the boarded up broken Burlington windows. Also, a door was shattered at nearby Plato's Closet, and Bank of the West windows showed signs of damage. However, the bank glass is much sturdier for security reasons.

The incidents continue to be investigated. It is NOT yet known if some or all of the participants were local, or if THIS incident is directly related to the Columbia Center online threat from earlier in the evening.

It is not yet known if the man arrested was the same 19-year-old who made the earlier threat against the mall.

Police said the Mall threat was NOT related in any way to the marches in Richland or Pasco earlier during the weekend, and the Canal disturbance not likely related either.

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