Two Seattle-area suspects are in custody, linked to the theft of 5 Hondas in Kennewick.

34-year-old Tompall r. Lorah-Heggen and 36-year-old Jessica Amber Meyers were taken into custody at the Kennewick Suites hotel Thursday evening, according to KNDU-TV.

They are facing multiple charges, and are believed responsible for the theft of at least 5 Honda automobiles taken in Kennewick and Seattle.  Honda's are among the most stolen cars in American especially the Accord.

Police became suspicious when they saw a car reported stolen in the parking lot of the hotel, and went inside to investigate.  Lorah-Heggen was confronted and captured in a hallway after he tried to flee,  Meyers arrested inside a room.

Police found stolen mail, shaved keys used in auto thefts, heroin and meth in the room.   They are in the Benton County jail facing at least four counts of possession of a stolen vehicle.  The meth might explain why they look the way they do in the pictures.  Wonder if her face is permanently stuck that way!