Meet Kraven, an American Suicide Girl who digs mythology, rocking out and painting and hates when people aren't honest with her and getting up early. The beauty sleep is obviously working for this babe.

Age: 27

Location: United States

Into: Magic, mythology, animal rights, stupid jokes, sarcasm, smart-asses, feminism, napping, painting, taking pictures, creating trends, standing out, making statements, getting new tattoos and rocking out.

Not Into: People not being honest with me, people who can't drive, having to get up early, being rushed.

Makes Me Happy: Singing in a hot steamy shower, dancing in my birthday suit, painting, a good movie, lyrics with meaning behind them, candy, putting my mind to work, bubbles, laughing.

Makes me sad: No hot water, poverty, ignorance, loss, fighting, being a disappointment, being bored, when all my Pepsi is gone, fake people.

5 Things I can't live without: My family and friends, laughter, sleep, my camera, Pepsi

Vices: Being on the computer way too much, changing my look, dying my hair, lust, caffeine, gambling, spending money, always being late, talking too much, guys with hot hair, guys who can sing or play guitar.

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