June 7th, this Sunday, is National RV Day and the entire month of June is National Camping Month. I was really surprised it's possible to do RV Rentals for as low as $55 a night. Plus, park model cabins are usually for rent at most campgrounds, you just have to know how to inquire.

Travel Trends and Consumer Confidence is projecting a whopping 46 million Americans will take a RV road trip this summer, up from 26 million last year. That's quite a dramatic increase and the research suggests it's because we COVID-19 weary people really feel the need to get out and experience a semblance of the old way, yet staying socially distant and displaying acceptable conduct around others moving forward.


Or how about take the entire concept and really turn over a new leaf. With millions of Americans continuing to work from home, and for many that is a permanent change, why not take your office on the road, for good? A real job, a real vacation.

Also, according an Ipsos Survey, choosing an RV vacation was the preferred choice over every other vacation option including car/hotel; tent camping, air/hotel and cruising. 51% of those that plan to take any RV trip this year said that current health concerns increased their interest.


During the COVID-19 crisis, RVing continues to be the best alternative to traditional vacation options, especially in a time when the emotional aspects of travel play a significant role. RV Camping gives the consumer ultimate control over their vacation:

  • You can go OCD overboard on the cleanliness of your environment
  • Bring all the items they want from home, never ever any baggage fees
  • Able to change plans at a moment's notice – taking a ‘fork in the road’
  • Make your own meals, you decide what and when you eat, avoiding restaurants
  • Get outside after months of being sheltered at home
  • Allow kiddos to frolic outdoors unconfined while still social distancing
  • Detach from technology and connect with nature, good luck with that
  • Continue to strengthen family bonds, everyone will dig a change of scenery
  • Your own space, bathroom and amenities, allows for limited contact with others
  • Bring the pets instead of burning money boarding them (60% of campers do)

Here are some of your best bets for RVing around the Columbia Basin.

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