A crazy harrowing story just popped up on my feed today where a Vancouver BC Mother rescued her young son from the jaws of a cougar that was attacking her 7 year old in her back yard last week.

According to news sources Mom Chelsea Bromley went to check on a noise coming from her yard and that's when she see's the most terrifying sight a parent could see a full grown Mountain Lion (Cougar) on top of her son Zack with his arm in his jaws!!! That is when she leaped into action tackling the beast and prying it jaws open with her bare hands!

According to a news article in the Tri-City Herald and a CBS news report:

helicopter airlifted Zack to a hospital, where he received stitches for bite wounds on his arms and head, CBC News reported.

Ben York, a British Columbia conservation inspector, confirmed Chelsea Bromley had wrestled the mountain lion off her son, The Globe and Mail reported. That left some “minor bite marks on her hand,” York said.

Authorities later tracked and killed two young mountain lions in Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, The Cowichan Valley Citizen reported.

Nobody messes with a Mama Bear's Cub...just sayin!!

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