Prop bets.

From the benign to the sublime, just take it as a sign, that Americans will bet on anything.

As of 0800 Super Sunday morning, the line is New England -4.5 against Philadelphia.

One estimate claims Americans will gamble $4.76 BILLION on the game today and 97% of that will be done illegally through offshore and unlicensed bookies. But as crazy as that is, it's basically on par with last year.

Some fascinating possibilities for championship game happenings including a great stat about one team scoring three straight times. It happens a lot. I had no idea. And that's the idea, to get you thinking about the endless situations to contemplate wagering on from the imaginations of odds makers whose supply never runs dry. The above link actually explains some of the intricacies of betting in Las Vegas.

But betting on the weirdest and most trivial aspects, prop bets, have become a Las Vegas tradition with over 1000 wagers you can make.

The National Anthem will be sung by Pink.

What color will her hair be?

--White/Blonde  -200 (favorite)
--Pink/Red  +400
--Green  +400
--Blue/Purple  +700
--Brown/Black  +900 (longshot)

Will she go over or under the predicted time of 2:00? Most of the last 11 singers have been under, but you never know, Pink is one capable of hyper-extending notes, if you know what I mean.

The last eleven singers:
--Super Bowl 41 – Billy Joel 1:30
--Super Bowl 42 – Jordin Sparks 1:54
--Super Bowl 43 – Jennifer Hudson 2:10
--Super Bowl 44 – Carrie Underwood 1:47
--Super Bowl 45 – Christina Aguilera 1:54
--Super Bowl 46 – Kelly Clarkson 1:34
--Super Bowl 47 – Alicia Keys 2:35
--Super Bowl 48 – Renee Fleming 1:54
--Super Bowl 49 – Idina Menzel 2:04
--Super Bowl 50 - Lady Gaga 2:09
--Super Bowl 51 - Luke Bryan 2:04

How many times will Giselle Bundchen (Tom Brady's Wife) be shown on TV during broadcast?
--Over 1.5  -130 (favorite)
--Under 1.5  -110

How many times will the Rocky statue in Philadelphia be show during broadcast?
--Over 1  +110
--Under 1  -150 (favorite)

How many times will Janet Jackson (thanks to "Nipplegate") be mentioned during broadcast?
--Over 1.5  +150
--Under 1.5  -200 (favorite)

What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game winning Coach?
--Lime/Green/Yellow  +225 (favorite)
--Orange  +300
--Red  +400
--Clear/Water  +400
--Blue  +400
--Purple  +1000 (longshot)

Will Justin Timberlake cover a Prince song during the Halftime show?
--Yes  -200 (favorite)
--No  +150

Will any members from *NSync perform with Justin Timberlake?
--Yes  +200
--No  -300 (favorite)

Over-under on the number of tweets by President Trump on Super Bowl Sunday:  Five.  That's the whole day, not just during the game. What color will Bill Belichick's shirt be at kickoff?  Blue is the most likely at 4-to-5, or 56%.  Gray is next at 3-to-2 (40%) . . . followed by both Red and White, each at 15-to-2 (12%).

Will former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's vomiting incident from Super Bowl 39 be mentioned during the TV broadcast?  'No' is more likely at 1-to-2, or 67%.

Happy Prop Culture! Let the Game(s) Begin!!

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