Afraid your boss is going to catch you checking out NCAA Tournament scores while you’re supposed to be working? Well, like a bubble team who gets an invite to the Big Dance, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

A new OfficeTeam survey of 1,000 managers has found that bosses don’t look down on their employees caught up in the hype of March Madness.

Specifically, managers were asked, "Do you feel March Madness activities in the workplace have a positive or negative impact on employee productivity?" A whopping 75% said they felt they had no impact whatsoever, while 5% actually felt there’s a “very positive” impact. A Scrooge-like 1% said the impact is “very negative.” We can only guess their alma maters didn’t even make the NIT.

Managers were also asked, "Do you feel NCAA basketball tournament activities in the workplace, such as watching games or participating in pools that don't involve money, have a positive or negative impact on employee morale?" Seventy-five percent also claimed there was no impact. Of course, that’s with no money involved. You can bet the answer would be different if Ted from payroll punched his fist through the vending machine because the #8 seed upset the #1 seed that he had winning it all in the second round in his pool.

There is one question OfficeTeam failed to ask: what percentage of employees feel office morale is improved because their bosses were busy taking part in this silly survey. We smell 100%.