It's part of the reason we LOVE watching the Madness of March, but it's also frustrating because upsets turn our brackets into toilet paper.

  It's only day one of the 2015 edition of the tourney, but already over 99 percent of brackets are now ruined, if you're shooting for perfection.

According to the Washington Post online,  with the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) and Georgia State upsetting Iowa State and Baylor respectively,  only 0.27% of the CBS Sports national competition brackets, and just 0.7% of the ESPN brackets are still perfect.

And, #14 seed Northeastern University blew a chance to at least tie #3 seed Notre Dame and send their game to overtime.  A botched pass and layup attempt to a wide open player under the hoop sealed their fate.  Had they won, that would have virtually destroyed every bracket competition in America that's not already in shambles.

Now, the only consolation for most is to see who in the office and win the most games.

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