When stealing a Dodge Ram pickup, you might want to clear it of all evidence before ditching it. But really, if you had to be honest, how many old store receipts would you find in your car if you looked hard? Oh, that's right, you're not criminal crud.

Police in Yakima were able to catch two people connected with a stolen ride because they stopped to buy some food. Police say the stolen truck was later found parked and unoccupied at the intersection of Mapleway Road and North Galloway Drive, and after it was returned to its owner, he contacted police to say he had found a receipt inside the cab for potato wedges bought from Walmart.

Police used information on the receipt to get surveillance video from Walmart and find images of the man and woman parking the stolen vehicle. Elisabeth Paradis and Erin Dunleavy both had previous arrests for burglary, and Dunleavy now faces a new charge: possession of a stolen vehicle.

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