Law Enforcement never takes counterfeit money lightly, because it can be a part of a much larger scheme.

Some might think, 'oh they just passed a bill or two.'  Doesn't work that way. Nobody goes to the trouble of doctoring, 'printing' or altering and washing just a handful of bills.

KPD townsquare media
KPD townsquare media

And the fact that these were $50's instead of the usual $ '20s that show up in stores also raises an eyebrow.

One of our close neighbors and friends in Kennewick held a yard sale (across the street from us) on Saturday. Turns out later, somebody floated them 'funny money.'

KPD townsquare media
KPD townsquare media

The neighbors asked us if we happened to have any security camera footage from a certain time, and when we asked why, they said these two women (allegedly) passed two fake $50 dollar bills at their sale. They were able to capture these images of the two women on their system.

Most people don't think of this when they're having a yard or garage sale, we all know retail clerks are trained to examine and check most bills 20 and up. You may recall seeing a clerk hold it up to the light to check the watermark, or they pass the highlighter over it to check.

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But a yard sale? Turns out the bills were actually 'modified' $10 bills that had been altered. They noticed much later after the women had left that two of the $50's looked suspicious. A flashlight test showed original $10 watermarks on them, and the two fake '50s had the same serial number.

Anyone who may know who these women are, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. The woman in blue had tattoos up and down her arm.

The time of the incident was early Saturday afternoon in Kennewick, just east of Kamiakin.


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