Robinson Cano just got PAID! Not to say that the $15 million per year he has been making with the New York Yankees was chump change, but now the All-Star second baseman will make nearly $24 million per year with the Seattle Mariners. For the next decade.

It is the third largest contract in Major League Baseball history. Tied with Albert Pujols' contract with the Anaheim Angels signed before last season and behind Alex Rodriguez's deal with the Texas Rangers in 2001 and his latest signing with the Yankees in 2008.

As teams are looking to reload and upgrade to make progress in the upcoming season, the MLB hot stove has been heating up the past couple weeks and the Mariners finally made their first big move of this off season with the Cano deal. Adding some much needed offense to their young lineup.

Although Cano signed for an outlandish 10 years and the $240 million over that span is a TON of cash, he is an undeniable upgrade at the 2B position. A consistent bat and everyday player with a career .300+ average, great on base percentage and has managed to avoid injuries. The latter part of that is what scares me about that deal.

It's tough to stay healthy in baseball. It's a grind. At 31 years old and now signed into his 40s as a Mariner, the big question is: Will Cano be able to stay healthy and continue his offensive success in the pitcher friendly Safeco Field?

One thing is for sure, April can not come soon enough...