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Watch Korn 'Spike In My Veins' Music Video
From the NSA to "cameos" from numerous famous faces that the American media loves to gab about, Korn's new video for ‘Spike in My Veins’ expresses the band's distaste for what classifies as 'news' these days.
Was Obama Flirting With the Danish Prime Minister?
There's a photo popular on Reddit right now of Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt sharing a light moment with Pres. Obama at Nelson Mandela's funeral -- with Michelle NOT PLEASED. It looks like they're flirting. What do you think?
My 2012 Presidential Election Voting Experience
It's the third year that I have been able to vote in the Presidential Election and this year was the most I have actually been involved. Of course, I have always taken advantage of my right as an American to vote. This year just felt different. More important.
The Best Memes, GIFs and Tweets From the Presidential Debate
As soon as we heard that Tumblr was going to be providing coverage of the debate via impromptu GIFs, we knew this election would at least be entertaining. Thanks should go especially to Mitt Romney's comment about Big Bird, which prompted tens of thousands of tweets. Here are the best of the in…