It's the third year that I have been able to vote in the Presidential Election and this year was the most I have actually been involved. Of course, I have always taken advantage of my right as an American to vote. This year just felt different. More important.

Normally, I would hear "I'm not voting because my one vote really doesn't matter," or "Why should I vote, I don't like any of the candidates running." This time around I hear more voters specifically for Obama or Romney or "I'm only voting for _____ because I don't want _____ to be the President."

For me, I wanted to write in another candidate. One that if you look at his track record, has been consistent with anything and everything he has said in his lengthy political career. At times this candidate may have said a few crazy things, but at least he was speaking his thoughts and not just saying what those listening wanted to hear.

I wanted to add a name to the ballot, yet at the same time, I had a preference for one of the top two candidates. So I made the decision to basically vote against the one I liked least. I don't know if that is a better idea than voting for someone I know is not going to win. Either way, we're getting a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich.

No matter which candidate you chose to be the President for the next four years, I hope you least took advantage of your right to do so.

Your two cents now, at least buys you four years of complaining.

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