How to Get Your Washington Boater Education Card
The summer season and boating weather are just around the corner. Don't get caught out on the water this year without your boater education card. If you are between the ages of 12 and 50 you will need it to legally operate a motorboat of 15 horsepower or more in Washington.
Man Ghost Rides His Motorboat On Surfboard
The evolution of dangerous car-related stunts has come a long way since Stiles surfed the Wolfmobile in ‘Teen Wolf’ back in ’85. After a two decade hiatus, the next level of car-surfing called ‘ghost-riding the whip’ blew up the internet thanks to Bay Area rappers. Just when you thought the dangerou…
Map of Boat Docks in the Tri-Cities
It’s boating season! Thanks to the three rivers, the Tri-Cities provides many places for boat launches and docks. Here is a map of some of the popular boat facilities in the Tri-Cities.