Discovery Host Mike Rowe Visits WA State With New TV Show
You know him from his Discovery Channel show 'Dirtiest Jobs' and he also is the narrator of the insanely popular 'Deadliest Catch' well Mike Rowe is stepping out and looking for inspirational stories, from what he calls them 'Do Gooders' which he found one in Black Diam…
Facebook Hoax Flooding My Inbox! Stop the Madness!
This hoax has been going on for years!
"Please tell all the contacts in your Messenger list, not to accept Jayden K. Smith friendship request. He is a hacker and has the system connected to your Facebook account. If one of your contacts accepts it, you will also be hacked, so make sure that …
6 Things You should Stop Doing on Facebook
Here are 6 things you should stop doing RIGHT NOW. If you’re guilty of one, I still love you. If you’re guilty of more than one, STOP IT!

When you post an emotional reaction designed for just one person to see but you throw it out there for everybody. And
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Another Epic Post From Pasco Police on Facebook
The Pasco Police department have been doing an excellent job of informing the public via social media of crime and community events, sounds boring right?? I'm not quite sure whom is posting...but I must say He or She is very witty...here's the latest
You Can Now Communicate With Most Prisoners Online!
Remember pen pals? Remember when a stamp could send your feelings across the world, how meaningful and rewarding writing an actual letter was? With today's technology and high-speed EVERYTHING, written letters are more and more of a dying trend -- even behind prison walls...

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