Ghost Releases Devilishly Delicious Live Album
The enigmatic Ghost has blown away the world of rock and roll. The masked shredders have stirred controversy and critical acclaim into one big melting pot since the turn of the decade.
In 2015, "Cirice" won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance...
2013 Must-See Rock + Metal Concerts
The year 2013 is shaping up to be a mammoth one for rock and metal concerts. Already, there is an incredible list of talented bands set to deliver blistering sets of hard-rocking music this year. To prepare you for the pits, we've put together comprehensive lists of 2013 Must-See Rock + Metal C…
Bringing Metal to the Children by Zakk Wylde
Zakk Wylde loves the kids and now he wants to Bring Metal to the Children with a book that will be released on April 10th, 2012. The book will take you on a Black Label Crusade of World Tour Domination while sharing never-before-told stories from backstage.
Korn’s Jonathan Davis: ‘We’re Not a Metal Band’
Korn have never exactly been the kind of band that tries to please critics — or, for that matter, anyone else but themselves — so when their tenth studio album, ‘The Path of Totality,’ was greeted with wildly mixed reactions last December, it was pretty much par for the course, albeit with one cruci…

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