When Tragedy Strikes, Turn Off Your TV
I refuse to acknowledge the murderer of seven innocents in Isla Vista by name. I'm not going to give that little sh*t the time of day. I will move on to my point, and do so quickly.
Tim Lambesis Trial: Alleged Hitman Hiring Detailed in Full
We've got an update on the Tim Lambesis murder-for-hire case. The As I Lay Dying vocalist's next court appearance has been postponed yet again, but some incredibly comprehensive details have been released telling the story of how Lambesis allegedly solicited a hitman to murder the vocalist…
Aaron Hernandez Indicted on First-Degree Murder Charge
Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was indicted by a Massachusetts grand jury Thursday morning on first-degree murder charges. Hernandez is the number one suspect in the death of a man who was found near the football star's home.
New England Patriots Tight End Questioned About Apparent Homicide
The New England Patriots have been fortunate to have not one, but two stand out Tight Ends in Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. While Gronk has made news with his surgeries during this off season, Hernandez made headlines today after Massachusetts State police questioned him about a possible homic…

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