Seahawks' Pass on 2nd & Goal Not as Stupid as it Looked
Pete Carroll has a reputation of making "ballsy" risky calls that pay off high dividends, or miss very badly.
In Super Bowl XLIX, both examples came to light. The slant pass to tie it up at half-time, and the slant pass that was intercepted by Malcom Butler...
Man Finds Seahawks Player’s Super Bowl Ring in Rental Car
Seattle Seahawks have crushed the world of football. They are on their way to another big win. The Superbowl ring is a big deal to all NFL players so it would suck if you it were lost right? Derrick Coleman had lost his ring but who found it is even more spectacular.
Former Cowboys Star Played at Pendleton High School
As Green Bay and Dallas get set for what is being called the Ice Bowl II,  one of the key players in the original legendary game in 1967 has close ties to our region.  The NFL Championship game between Dallas and Green Bay is considered one of the 10 greatest games ever played.  This weekend, Dallas…
Tom Brady: “I’m a F—ing Machine!”
Tom Brady is feeling pretty confident going into this weekend's NFL divisional playoff game.
Maybe he's got some Uggs on the sideline? I'm not judging, dude is a champ. Whatever helps.
NFL Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Hideously Awesome
If you've you been to a holiday or Christmas party in the last 5 years, you have probably had to find one at a thrift store, create one, or dig out that crazy gift from your Grandma. Join in on the biggest trend in holiday get-togethers while showing allegiance to your favorite NFL team with th…

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